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Hi. I'm not really one for posting in the forums but, I'm so impressed with the comprehensive and concise, correct info on 'Myturbodeisel' that I wanted to share my experience of intermittent 'limp mode'

After months of boost falling flat at approx 2500 - 2600 rpm (i think I remember) I decided to sort it and after plenty of reading - started with my vacuum hoses (all intercooler pipes looked ok) I've them all done except the blue one (inside ecu included)

The blue one being difficult along with the red (down at the turbo) I decided to remove some of the intercooler piping - particularly the one that drops down to the turbo from the intercooler and connects to it by means of a rubber tube about 1 1/2" long and 1" thick; I pulled this intercooler pipe (the one with the 90 turn in it) and looking down to spot the 6mm OD hose connections, saw a bright metal something?

This was the reinforcing metal insert that should have been in the end of the intercooler pipe - it was canted over in the end of the rubber connecting piece and seeing it, obviously causing an obstruction to to air flow!

Can only assume it got like this after having the exhaust downpipe replaced - in the shop they obviously removed the same 90 degree intercooler pipe for ease of access - and rammed it back together any old how.

The plastic had become 'set' far from 'round'; I heated it up to get the reinforcing ferule back in the end of the pipe and it became round again. Fitted back together - no more limp mode :D

Still not done the blue from the N75 to the wastegate - it's a real awkward one as far as I can see - got some loooong nose pliers now, may help!

Anyhow, 165,000 UK miles, Vento tdi is fine; I'll be doing my cambelt sometime soon

See Ya; Paul
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