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mystery acceleration with prius

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It happened to the Jeep Grand Cherokee, audi in the 80s, and not eh prius. "Mystery" acceleration... not from stepping on the gas instead of the brake, but from floor mats.


Recently, we told you Consumer Affairs wrote the Prius had unintended acceleration problems caused by something mysterious. Consumer Affairs later wrote that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had quietly started an investigation. Today, it looks like we know what caused the unintended acceleration: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is recalling all-weather floor mats for the Camry and Lexus because it may get caught in the acceleration pedal and cause "unintended acceleration." Prius and Avalon hybrid drivers that have the all-weather mats are urged to check to make sure it's properly installed. I wonder why no recall for them? Anyway, the NHTSA did not find a design flaw in the mats but did find it could slip forward under the acceleration pedal if the all-weather mat is stacked on top of other mats. Got that Prius and Avalon hybrid drivers? Don't stack your mats! This may sound a little funny but NHTSA knows of 7 crashes, 12 injuries, and people zipping above 90 MPH because of a floor mat.
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Yeah, but those were people just stepping on the gas instead of the brakes. This is a mat getting jammed somehow on the gas.
A lot of mats have a hook at the back or tabs to hold them in place.
Yeah, but the problem here is that it's getting pushed forward.
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