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I bought my sportwagen in late December 2008. It's a black uni 2009 2.0 140 CR, 6spd manual, w/pano roof, anthracite interior. Twenty-six months after bringing the car home I've driven 65 thousand miles with no major issues, except for the sunroof's sun shade tearing off the track (ugh..).

I've driven the car pretty hard, and that shows with my average mileage being around 32 - 33mpg overall (mostly highway). I've loved every minute of it though..

the car dyno'd at 126hp / 212 ft-lb (stock wheel power). I've dyno'd it since with the REVO software, but got erroneous numbers. We think it's the ABS module getting confused and slowing things down, so I'll likely try again soon with the module unplugged. That dyno with the REVO software showed 136hp / 235 ft-lb, with a graph that was all over the place and doesn't match real-world acceleration at all. So, I'll have to try again later.

current mods:
  • smoked side markers
  • OEM euro switch (front & rear fogs)
  • disabled DRL's
  • STaSIS/Koni Street Sport coilovers
  • Golf GT grille, painted flat black. Lower grille trim piece also painted flat black
  • "R-Line" fog grilles
  • OEM euro GTI front spoiler, painted body color
  • driver & passenger OEM euro aspherical side mirrors
  • OEM euro taillights. Driver's rear fog enabled.
  • OEM euro front projector fogs, Ziza yellow H11 bulbs
  • REVO Technik software upgrade
  • removed rear 'Jetta' badge
  • GTI spec brake sizes (312mm front, 286mm rear): Zimmerman vented rotors, StopTech Street Performance pads, StopTech stainless brake lines

  • Hartmann "Euromesh 3" 18x8, ET-47 wheels, Continental ExtremeContact DWS 225-40 tires
  • Audi 5-spoke 'sport' 17x7.5, ET-45 wheels, Dunlop Direzza Z1 'Star Spec' 225-45 tires

  • highline cecm
  • OEM HID's
  • lots more ;)



and my '85 GTI.. just so you can see it.

has an ABA swap, suspension, brakes, and lots of other mods. Sadly.. it'll be up for sale soon.

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Great mod list, great pics! I prefer the OEM plus look as well. It's also unusual to see such a modded car w/no window tint.
haha.. yeah, well, the tint will come sooner or later, but it's far down on my priority list. When I do have the windows tinted it'll be lighter anyway. I don't want the car to look like I'm trying to black it out :)
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