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Hello all!

I'm a prospective tdi owner just trying to figure out which one is the car for me! I've been passively looking for a couple weeks now, and I am AMAZED at how quickly the good ones disappear!

I hadn't decided what I wanted until I recently test drove a '10 Jetta, and man I love the torque of the TDI! I think what I'm looking for is a Jetta, and I really like the price and features of the '05~06 models, though I'd also be interested in the earlier ones also. Of course I also like the new ones, but they're a bit out of range ( that and the concerns over the HPFP failures makes me nervous )

Anyway, thanks for the useful forum - hopefully it helps me find the perfect TDi!

Oh and if anyone finds a good deal on one in Ohio or Michigan let me know! ;)
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