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I believe I'm almost done with my TDI training and initiation... and once I have my certificate
I'll use the back of it to write the for sale ad... :)

Last night my son and I discussed how we could fabricate the brackets to mount the Panzer skid plate on my Jetta wagon... we figured I should just buy the parts from diesel geek or metal nerd or who ever it is that sells 'em...

too late.

Tonight heading over to get something at the store I forgot they had installed those stupid low curbs in the middle of the turn lane to keep you from turning where you used to be able to turn... it was raining and I didn't see it until the last minute, veered to the left and figured I would hit the control arm... which I did.. problem is the oil pan is lower and in front of said control arm...

I have the oil pan off and in the trunk of my '91 300d and I will visit the friendly VW dealer and offer him some of my money in exchange for another cast aluminum oil pan that might hold amsoil synthetic better than the current one...

I will say that if I hadn't been running amsoil I never would have risked driving the last three miles home... when I started the idiot light came on... put in one quart of amsoil and high tailed it home waiting for the low oil light to come on again... it never did...

so here's the pictures...

and I think I am going to figure out some way of mounting that panzer skid plate if I have
to weld rebar to what little bit of frame I can see or reach... :)

I need to drive a Jeep or a Mercedes... they can drive over curbs or VWs without crunching
their oil pans... :) Well, a mercedes will crunch their oil pan if you go over serious rocks like
my son did with his in Arizona, check this out:

So far my training has included cleaning the intake manifold, replacing the injectors, replacing
the injection pump, fiddling with the fuel metering circuit, replacing the glow plug harness,
adding a hitch, adding air lift air bags and now, replacing the instrument cluster and
clearing all kind of codes for sensors and such, and now replacing the oil pan...

nice little cars, but I've done more work on this thing than I have on my '91 300d with nearly
twice the mileage... are these things higher maintenance of did I just get a very needy TDI?

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Volkswagens like to get periodic attention from their owners. weather or not their owners actually give them the attention they ask for is proof that the owners loves them or not.

It sounds to me like you are an owner that loves their Volkswagen. (altho its beginning to be a bit of a love-hate relationship.)

Hopefully soon your Volkswagen will have a time of contentment.

Take a look at the posts that Evolution sells with his skidplates. they are nothing more than 1.5" or so solid aluminum rod with a stud on one ned red-locktited in and a threaded hole on the other to receive the plate hanging bolt. fairly easy to do if you have access to a healthy drill press or machine shop.

even the TDIWAGONGUY thin galvanized plate just uses 1" galvanized steel box tubing with welded nuts/couplers in them and the same stud on one side threaded hole on the other. so all you need is access to a welder for that one.

Good luck!

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Ouch......I hate how low the oil pan is. I never understood why it sticks out below the subframe but at least there are skidplates....thanks for sharing your tale.

FYI There's currently no detailed pictorial writeup on how to change the oil pan. If you do one, it will qualify for the writeup contest, details of the contest are in the general forum. Just take clear pictures of each step and your notes, parts, etc. There were no submissions for the last period so it's in sudden death overtime - first full writeup wins. As a tip, take multiple pictures of each step since some of these always turn out fuzzy or out of frame.

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new oil pan in...

dealer wanted $325, didn't have one...
NAPA did, $145 w/tax.

refilled with Amsoil European 5w40 and a Mann filter
also swapped out the trans oil with amsoil 75w90

ordering the mounting hardware ($149! (the entire kit is only $275)) for my panzer plate...

had I put it on earlier it would have cost me only $5. ;) (or some variation of math...)

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