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Long story short, it works but not as fast as in the commercials. What's in the box:

I'll add this info to the article how to wash and wax your car

An ocean state job lot opened near me so I went to check it out. They're one of stores with all the decor of a dollar store but with walmart quality items for cheaper than walmart. I picked up some heavyweight russell athletic t-shirts for $2 each and the Mr. Clean car wash system starter kits for $5, which is awesome. To compare, Amazon.com sells them for $16 shipped which is the same as the ebay market price.

Based on my usage, the soap should last about 5-6 uses but they say the starter filter only lasts for 3 uses. I found that by the 3rd use it was still working great but filter life depends on water harshness.

After wetting the car, you still have to wash it manually but after you rinse it clean, you make a final pass with filtered water. It lets the car drip dry. I think the commercials had small print that said it was a time lapse but I don't remember. The car was 95% dry in about 15 minutes and it really does work. As it dries, it should look like this:

As always, wash and dry the car out of strong sunlight or the soap and minerals in the water will bake onto the paint.

The wash gun is pretty good because the stream is narrow and saves water vs. a generic garden hose. The big knob controls soap/water spray, unfiltered water spray for rinsing, and filtered water spray. The thumb knob turns the spray on/off. My main complaint is that there should be 3 positions on the thumb knob - off, light spray, and full spray. The filter will only fit one way in the front of the wash gun.

The other complaint is that the mr. clean filter and soap refills are expensive. The ebay price for a single 10 use filter is $16-$20 shipped! After soap, it's cheaper to go back to the discount store and buy another starter kit! The instructions say that you have to use their special soap and filter or else it won't work. I'm going to go back to ocean state job lot and see if they have cheap refills or else I'll just go back to using a towel.
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