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I have just finished a short road trip down to Victoria from Port Alberni,B.C Canada.
My speeds were generally between 50 and 60 mph {80 to 100 kph} with some stop lights and slow traffic for short periods..

The round trip fuel data is below,
Fuel Cost

Distance travelled
386.5 km
240.17 miles

Fuel Amount
14.7 litres
3.88 US gallons
3.23 Imperial gallons
Cost of Fuel
$1.2 per litre
$4.53 per US gallon
$5.44 per Imperial gallon

Fuel Economy

3.8 litres per 100 km

61.84 miles per US gallon
74.27 miles per Imperial gallon

Mileage Costs

4.5537 cents per km

7.33 cents per mile

All and all I am pretty pleased with mileage I got by keeping my speed down.
I did follow the slow tow vehicles and did not cause any grief to the other drivers, In case anyone was wondering.
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