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In the october 2008 issue, don't know if anyone else subscribes. I disagree with algae biodiesel being the future, anything that is not cost effective and is still experimental is not the future. Until it proves itself and can prove to be cost effective, it'll never be the future. There could be unknowns such as legislation, better fuels, tighter emissions, etc., who knows, that can kill it. Nice to see diesel being noticed!

Diesel does it
Dang, you guys got me depressed. Markus tells me I shouldn't have bought a diesel car at all, but that's based on fuel svings alone ("Diesel Revolution"). Fuel economy aside, where's all the other cools tuff we love about diesels? With the exception of NOx, they pollute less than gasoline powered vehicles. And longevity? There's the tidbit about diesel engines lasting far longer than gasoline engines. That's cool, too; trouble-free 200,000 mile cars are common. Simplicity? No distributor or spark plugs (or expensive batteyr packs). And resale value? Heck, even used diesel cars are in high demand, fetching premiums above Blue Book values. Lots of us traditional car guys are catching on to diesels. Even the oil campanies are getting involved. Shell just joined with another campany for algae biodiesel work here in Hawaii. Calling diesel "green" is almost missing the point - it's the future of fuels. I love my gasoline cars, but duesd, get with the program. Diesel cars are a lot more than fuel savers.
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