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VW parts people are less than helpful; Search engines are ran by algorithms which heavily preference your geographical location, even when intentionally searching outside your geographical location, so use a VPN; Votex spoiler extension bolded below.

I had been searching for a pull off, NOS, or reproduction of the Votex spoiler extension for the JSW you could get as an option. Im specifically talking about the one that needs headset glue (though some seem to have installed them with 3M tape). I've spent about two month crawling threads here, TDIclub, and the Vortex board trying to hunt down the part number for this OEM piece and, unfortunately just didn't have any luck. As my JSW TDI has been into the dealer 6 times this month for emissions repairs (will post separately about this fiasco), I also too the time to talk with the parts people there to try and hunt it, as well as a few other parts, down to no avail. Its apparently just not in the VWoA system anymore apparently or the parts people I spoke with just had no clue what they're doing. Either way, they couldn't find what I was looking for. Even searching through Ebay I found nothing.

Then I had an idea! The JSW was never a super popular vehicle in the North American market just because wagons haven't been popular in nhere since the introduction of the mid size/compact SUV with things like the second gen Blazer/Jimmy/Bronco II/etc of the late 80-early 90's. So I though what if I start searching for European, South American, or Chinese versions? Well, there is no Chinese version of the JSW, at least one that had parts close enough to be able to swap, but there were versions sold in Mexico and Europe. So I tried to search on the relevant .countrycode versions of google... again, with nothing much for results, however this time did provide me with a few really questionable Chinese aftermarket options that all seem to have disclaimers in Ebay listings saying that they all may have some cosmetic damage when the package arrives, which just tells me it had cosmetic damage before it even shipped and they're just trying to CYA. Not really a something that builds confidence in quality, especially when they're all $4-700 w/shipping, which, at that price, Id be better off just buying a new base piece and hacking it up to make my own. However, I get really lazy and despise working with fiberglass, so it was a hard pass on Chinese knock offs.

I spoke with a friend about it and she suggested I use a VPN to place me in the country/region of choice to get around to circumvent search engine and eBay algorithms that prioritize where I am, among other things, when returning search results. Sure as hell, it was incredibly productive to do so and I found the part number for the spoiler extension with about 20 min of searching for a Golf Estate/variant, which is 1K9-071-640DS-H8Z (for my color code).

I'm still unsure about what the factory headset adhesive is, so Im still working on that, but the above does fit; I asked a UK based friend to get ahold of their local VW parts counter to confirm the part number, and it is correct. If you happen to know what the factory adhesive part number is, please do drop it in the replies.

PN's for other colors:

Blue Graphite 1K9-071-640-DS-C5F
Deep Black 1K9-071-640-DS-C9X
Black Uni 1K9-071-640-DS-041
Platinum Gray 1K9-071-640-DS-D7X
Candy White 1K9-071-640-DS-B9A
Salsa Red 1K9-071-640-DS-A3H
Laser Blue 1K9-071-640-DS-C5J
Reflex Silver 1K9-071-640-DS-A7W
Tornado Red 1K9-071-640-DS-Y3D
Moon Rock Silver 1K9-071-640-DS-P7W
Campanella 1K9-071-640-DS-R9A
Tempest 1K9-071-640-DS-P5W
Toffee Brown 1K9-071-640-DS-H8Z

Best I can tell is that none of these were offered for sale unpainted, so theres no generic part number, they're all color code specific.

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So after doing a bit more digging, I did happen to find a PN for just a primed extension, which, as far as I can tell, Is really only offered through dealers and a select few VW affiliated third part sellers. It also looks like the primed version is the only new one you can buy too. the PN is 1K9-071-640-GRU.


while I was in the dealership yesterday getting a diagnostic done on my DPF and EGR, I went over to the parts department to find out what the superseding PN for the OEM adhesive was, as they no longer make the previous Henkel stuff that was used at the factory. PN is D-169-300-M2 and the line is now Henkel 8599.
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