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MK5 oil

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Hello, I know this is a flogged subject but I have to ask if anyone has used Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W-40 in the pumpe duse with any success? I am new to VW and diesel's and aside from filter changes and engine mount/bracket repair (thanks Dieselgeek) inexperienced with turbo diesels. My local VW specialty shop Carey's Foreign & Domestic Repairs in Georgetown, DE is using and recommending this oil for VW TDI's (any comments on this shop?), I have only used Carey's for a pre-purchase inspection and am just not sure what to think. They have been around a long time, have VAC COM, seem to really know what they are talking about w/European cars. I am new to the TDI club (2006 Jetta TDI w/136,000, new cam lifters & timing belt kit @ 131,000 prior to my purchase) obviously my vehicle is out of warranty, has already suffered cam, lifter failure and was supposedly properly maintained w/505.1 so what's next? I do my own oil/filter @ changes @ 5K and have no intention of running any oil 10K. I am a Mann filter fan and have replaced; oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters @ 134,000. I am having a hard time sourcing the 505.1 locally for a reasonable price (< $9.50/QT) but can get the Mobil1 Turbo Diesel @ local NAPA or Walmart. I'm willing to order in bulk, by the case/gallon I just trying to find an oil readily available in the mid-Atlantic Delmarva area. I would rather do 5k oil & filter changes @ < $50 vs trying to run 10k and worry about having oil analyzed. Thanks for any assistance, Mike
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It should work and the 5w-40 should protect the engine better than the VW recommended 5w-30. If your intention is 5k oil changes, I would invest in an oil analysis from a place like blackstone labs and then decide if the 10k is acceptable. Many people find it is.
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