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MK4 timing belt replacement

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I'm ready to replace my timing belt ( 2000 TDI manual transmission ) but I have a question before I get dirty. When I rotate the camshaft sprocket and install the Cam lock, it locks the cam in place. Does this move the flywheel to top dead center? Does this line the pointer at the top of the transmission bell housing to the stamp mark on the flywheel? Thanks Jesse
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If the cam or IP is a mm or so off, rotate it to fit because the belt has stretched.
...or it was improperly set the last time...

BTW: most people frown on using the camshaft to rotate the engine (with the belt on)... I suppose it's OK to do before you replace the belt, as you'll be replacing the tensioner, but with the new components in place, it's advised to rotate the engine using a 12-point 19-mm socket on the center crankshaft pulley bolt... (rotating clockwise only!!)

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