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mini USB MDI cable 000-051-446-A for Droid instead of iPod cable

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Jay found part number ooo-051-446-A is the mini USB cable that can replace the iPod MDI. Here is the reference http://askavwsalesguy.com/2010/09/22/droid-friendly-mdi-cable-now-available/
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I can give you the part number and description for any audio, ipod, CD changer, MDI cable or app if you want them? ;)

5n0 035 554 - adaptor wiring set for multimedia interface box 'MDI' - £40.36

5n0 035 558 - is the same description and price

000 051 446 d - is the same description £34.01

000 051 446 c - is the same description £19.58
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