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mini USB MDI cable 000-051-446-A for Droid instead of iPod cable

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Jay found part number ooo-051-446-A is the mini USB cable that can replace the iPod MDI. Here is the reference http://askavwsalesguy.com/2010/09/22/droid-friendly-mdi-cable-now-available/
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Thanks, I've been working on an article about ipod and aux-in adapters.

This, like many other OEM adapters replaces the armrest cd changer. Since I have the OEM nav and a 2006, I use the armrest cd changer for music and decided it was too expensive to replace it with the OEM MDI adapter.

And FYI, the part number is 000, not the letter o. This is why I type the letters in my part numbers in lower case except for L. The correct part number is 000051446a (000-051-446-a). I have corrected your title.

For the searchers, here are the other part numbers:
iPod adapter: 000 051 446 c (standard issue on TDI except in Canada, 000051446c)
Mini USB adapter: 000 051 446 a ( 000051446a)
USB adapter - 000 051 446 b (000051446b)
aux-in 3.5 mm (headphone jack) - 000 051 446 d (000051446d)

I also see:
iPod adapter: 5n0 035 554 (5n0035554)
USB adapter: 5n0 035 558 (5n0035558)
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I'm new to the forums and VW here, so please forgive the noob post.

So in order to do a complete MDI system install, from the system that does not have anything but the aux-in inside the console (the stock head unit in a Canadian Comfortline TDI), what part numbers would you require other than these?
I can give you the part number and description for any audio, ipod, CD changer, MDI cable or app if you want them? ;)

5n0 035 554 - adaptor wiring set for multimedia interface box 'MDI' - £40.36

5n0 035 558 - is the same description and price

000 051 446 d - is the same description £34.01

000 051 446 c - is the same description £19.58
I was thinking more along the lines of a list of all the parts needed to do the conversion from a Comfortline, regular aux-in console, to the MDI cubby with interface. This would include what console you need, harness, and adapters. Possibly a "how-to" ?
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