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MFSW's "Phone Buttons" *can't* work?!?!

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I've purchased a Golf 2.0 TDI Highline in Italy from a dealer; they tell me today (I pick it up next Wednesday) that:

They are installing a "PARROT" (aftermarket) bluetooth system/controller for my cellphone because "there's a problem with the connection" and the "new radio" (the RCD510) and the buttons on the MFSW don't/won't/can't work.

Is this POSSIBLE that the MFSW (left side in particular) was not meant to work w/a cellphone and the buttons are "just for pretty?" Also, I can get the PARROT bluetooth set-up commonly for 250euro (installed) and they intended to put it in for 275 (had I not stopped by today, it would have just "been there" when I picked up the car).

Is there something I'm missing? All I want is to be able to control my cellphone (in some fashion ... even if just to ANSWER calls) from the MFSW; is that not possible?

Help? :eek:)
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At least in the US and Canada, the Highline comes with bluetooth from the factory. The RCD510 has nothing to do with the bluetooth, it's just the radio. The Parrot is a bluetooth and will work but maybe they are just trying to sell you extra?
What's the difference btwn VW/Europe & VW/N.America?

Okay! I took delivery yesterday of my new Golf ... I LOVE it! But I'm still confused as to why VW/US sells the 2010/MkVI w/the bluetooth "installed" and mine has to be "aftermarketed" if I want it? The dealership DID inform me that VW/Europe just released a "new interface" which will enable the connection of the MFSW to the Parrot bluetooth module (previously, it didn't connect; and they also indicated that "Parrot" is *the* bluetooth maker of choice for VW-Europe ...

Does anyone have/can anyone provide some insight on why STATESIDE Golfs have the damned thing integrated and here in Europe it's an aftermarket gig? I'm still kinda worried that I'm bein' "spoofed" and I'll get it anyway because I NEED the damned thing, but still ... just wondering ... anyone? Anyone?
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Did you read this? A guy on ebay is selling 9w3 bluetooth modules. I think you must have a highline display but it's a plug-play factory unit. Since you are in Italy you might need a variation on the unit or some more instructions.
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