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This is some stuff I've figured out on my own and some notes from a Euro-spec manual. I didn't get any user manual with my car. More part numbers and Euro specific info will get added as rolling changes.


Would I prefer one that has the MFD2 GPS system over another? Yes, because it comes with the 6 CD changer in the armrest. I wouldn't want to retrofit it unless you got a bargain on parts because it's a pain to retrofit the wiring for the CD changer. Without the CD changer you can't use the GPS system and listen to a CD at the same time. I also like how it looks vs. the premium 7 radio.

The one major thing the premium 7 radio has is the CD changer being mounted in the center console. It's not possible to load or eject CDs out of the armrest while driving. Or at least not safely.
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