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Rental of Metalnerd timing belt tools for 1999.5 - 2003 ALH TDI motors.


Part MN4001 - A4/NB Cam Sprocket Puller

Part MN4004 - A4/NB Crank Lock

Part MN3359 - 1.9 and 2.0 PD Cam Sprocket Pin (also A4 TDI pump Pin)

Part MN0005 - A4/NB Stubby 5 mm Driver

Part MN3333 - Compact 3-way Tensioner Wrench

Part MN3418 - Universal Cam Locking Plate

Part MN3036 - Universal Sprocket Buster (TM) Counterhold Tool

Rental Agreements:

$50- 2 week rental (date you receive to date shipped back). Additional $20 charge every week after the specified return date.
There will be a $200 deposit for the tools. $250 in my paypal account gets the tools shipped to your door.
$200 will be transfered back into your account upon recieving ALL the tools back in the SAME CONDITION you recieved them in.
I will only ship USPS Flat Rate Box - Receiver pays return shipping.
Expedited shipping is to be paid for by the renter.
PayPal is the only accepted payment!


Rental Agreement:

Rental is exactly the same as stated above. To rent both together it would require a $500.00 deposit with $400 being returned once I recieve the parts back.
USB connector plugs into most modern laptops! (USB 1.1 or 2.0)
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I have the VAG COM USB avail if anyone needs one...PM and we will work something out. It has the USB connection. I purchased for a torque converter job...glad to have it but glad to have it!!! They are awesome.
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