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When reading thru “1000 answersâ€￾ and general topics, comments like “your best bet is to find a TDI guru mechanicâ€￾, “Dealer techs are busy and often make mistakes!â€￾ popped up quite a few times.
I have a new car, so I am going to use free service for next 3y/36,000, but when that benefit ends, I will have to find a diesel experienced mechanic. My friend has Audi and serves it only at mechanic who serves Audi only. But I do not know anyone who would server VW/TDI/diesel…
Why not to build a database of mechanics who do have a clue in TDI right here on the sight? People can report their success stories including mechanic name and location. I think that would help others who look for headache-free service a lot.
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