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Hi Keith,

Its not clear to me in your above post whether or not the update actually loaded...make sure you saw the "update initializing" or whatever it says for a few minutes and then tells you "update successful". If you didn't get it in, I always put my update files on a drive all by themselves. The RCD-510 picks it up right away. Btw, I always use the latest version that contains all previous updates. I wouldn't use the other unless you've had a problem.

I have all the latest updates though, and I can't get it to go random unless all tracks are in the same folder either. I find it annoying. I read somewhere (I gotta keep better track of this stuff I read, I know) in a Volkswagen publication that this is correct operation for the unit. I guess for some reason they dont want you playing separate folders in random. I have found this very annoying since day one, but I've gotten used to it. The last update dramatically improved the speed at which I can navigate folders (which I have a lot of). It took me minutes to scroll through my folder list, sometimes thinking the unit locked up...but I was just taking that long. Now it keeps right up with me :)

Also, to save you some trouble, I've already tried assembling a playlist and dropping it in the root (in the approved formats of course) referencing the tracks that are in the sub-folders. The RCD-510 didn't like that very much...even before I told it I wanted random...
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