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TOKYO — Although no official announcement has come yet from Mazda Motor Corporation, Inside Line has learned that big changes are in the works for the next-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Expected to debut in 2011, the future MX-5 roadster is likely to be smaller than the current model, and should tip the scales at a lean 2,200 pounds.

Under the hood will be a SKY-G engine, the all-new power plant Mazda quietly introduced at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Show. This naturally-aspirated 1.3-liter gasoline-powered inline-4 is expected to deliver more than 50 mpg, with some saying it can get up to 70 mpg. And it isn't a hybrid setup or a diesel, but a gasoline-burning engine. This figure was calculated with the engine powering a compact car about the size of the Kiyora showcar (shown in Geneva and Tokyo).

A new SKY-G engine is being produced for the MX-5. It's not known whether the new roadster's power plant will use 1.3 or 1.5 liters of displacement. Expected to have a rating near 150 horsepower, the new engine would maintain the Miata's current power-to-weight ratio.

The secret to this astronomical fuel mileage hasn't yet been released, but IL has heard that Toyota has already inquired about the SKY-G.

Inside Line says: Sound too good to be true? We'll see in the next several months. — Mak Tokuyama, Correspondent

Looks like a really good alternative to a bluesport roadster. At 150 hp and probably lighter than a bluesport, this thing would definitely be better.
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