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Only a 10% increase in mileage?

from edmunds:

TOKYO — Mazda Motor is showcasing a variety of advanced powertrain systems and new safety technologies at the upcoming 2007 Tokyo Auto Show. Its display will feature a next-generation gasoline direct-injection four-cylinder engine, a next-generation "clean diesel" engine and a next-generation Renesis rotary engine, as well as a new Smart Idle Stop System.

Among the advanced safety systems to be displayed are a rear vehicle monitor, installed in the redesigned Mazda 6 sedan, and roll stability control, fitted to the CX-9.

Mazda says its new 2.0-liter direct-injection gas engine aims to improve both performance and fuel economy by up to 20 percent. The 2.0-liter direct-injection diesel, fitted with a two-stage turbocharger and an advanced particulate filter, will provide 10 percent better fuel economy with lower emissions.

The new Renesis rotary has a longer stroke, resulting in an increase in displacement to 1.6 liters. Direct injection and other features have been adapted from Mazda's hydrogen engine development.

The Smart Idle Stop System restarts the engine after idle without the use of an electric motor. The system feeds fuel directly into the cylinders, then ignites the fuel to start the engine quickly and quietly, with a resulting 10 percent improvement in fuel savings.
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