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maryland vw jetta owner

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I'm getting ready to take on the task of changing timeing belt on 2004 jetta tdi. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have 204,000 miles on jetta. I had dealer change timeing belt 1st 100,000. If I inspect belt and it looks good with no cracks and signs of wear should I still replace? The dealer said when they replaced it at 100,000 it looked brand new. I put alot of highway milage the vehicle.
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Absolutely, yes. Timing belts normally don't show wear until the crack.

Do a camshaft check. That is high enough miles that you should at least inspect the lobes for wear: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/multi/camshaft-inspection-replace-vw-tdi.htm If it's worn, change it at the same time you change the timing belt.

Make sure you have a decent torque wrench and good quality parts. Read the instructions before getting started.

Use G12 coolant, not Prestone. Use distilled water with the G12, you can find it at CVS or Walmart.

Change it so that you can put lots more highway miles on the car and not end up with major engine repairs!
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