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This guy has class!

But don't want to pay some jackass 500 dollars because he wont part out the set. Well get your Martha Stewart on.

What you will need:
Needles size 18-22
Brownish-tan Yarn
RX300 3 spoke wheel + airbag (20-100 dollars from a junkyard)

Optional :
Leather hole punch
Rubberish Adhesive (i used loctite universal t.a.c, it comes in a caulk dispenser)

This is pretty obvious, thread your needle. I used really airy yarn and a bit of saliva on the end really helps the threads go into the needles eye. Optional, use the hole puncher to make holes in the pleather. But be warned you cant use the hole punch of the 2 sides or the button because the pleather is a wall (you'll know what i mean once you see it). You can use a Dremel to cut the wall and create a flat surface for the hole punch but i find that's too much work. So i would only use the hole punch on the inside flaps and jam the needle with the pliers on the 3 sides without the pre-poped holes. If your not using the hole punch then you will need to jam the needle in every hole. Use the pilers to jam to needle into the hole and to pull the needle out of the hole. You'll need the pilers to get enough grip to pull the thread throw the small hole. After you are done, use the adhesive on the back side. This will stop the yarn from coming lose.

That's it, pretty easy but labor intensive. BTW encase someone here asks "isn't it dangerous to drive without an airbag" well NO ITS NOT. As we all should have learned from 90s television, airbags kill more people then they save.
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