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I'm trying to find if anybody fitted a Provent 200 on a 2010-2014 mk6 Golf/Golf wagon/Jetta sportwagen TDI but it doesn't seem to be quite popular on that engine (CJAA).

If you're wondering why I'm interested in fitting one on my car, it's because it's pretty obvious that the design of the crankcase ventilation system has it's limits even if it's designed to catch as much oily vapors as possible.

The goal of a filtered catch can is to stop those oily vapors from being sucked out of the engine valve cover by the cold side of the turbo and be conducted thru the intercooler, thru the anti-shudder valve, thru the EGR valve and thru the intake. Combined with EGR gases it becomes that oily soot that covers the inside of those components and considerably reduce the air flow to the intake ports.
And no the oil is not coming from your turbo seals.....at least I wouldn't consider this as a first possible cause on a good running engine with good power, good throttle response, no clogged DPF, no smoke out of the exhaust etc etc etc.

So if anyone has any input, feel free to comment. Meanwhile I will continue to search the World Wide Web.... :)
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