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Well today started out with an oil change

I’ve had this stuff for a couple of months, just waiting on the mileage. This is the first oil change since the BSM replacement roughly 5k miles ago.

All looked good on the filter.

Others have reported metal shavings on the filter @ the 5k oil change, but mine was clean.

I also took the opportunity to install a magnetic drain plug and copper crush washer while I was at it.

This takes the drain plug from a 19mm to 14mm head.

Got about 4oz out of the filter housing using the mityvac setup…

Tool note: while I do believe in having the†right tool for the jobâ€, I found an adequate substitution for the oil filter cap…

On to the fuel filter… all pretty straight forward here, but a couple of lessons learned.

First and foremost, keep a tight hold on Mickey (the retainer for the thermo T). After he took an unscheduled flight I was sure I would be off to the dealer for a replacement, but I guess luck was on my side today.

Secondly, the funnel fill method didn’t work for me so I pulled out the pump and the PS…

Lastly, when installing the o-rings on the thermo-T, be sure and install the bottom/lower o-ring (black) first.

This allows the upper o-ring (light blue) to glide over the lower groove without getting stuck. Also put on a dab of oil to insure a smooth insertion.

Next was the air filter. Not much here. Snow screen was dirty as expected….

Didn’t expect to find sand inside the air box…

Lastly, the cabin filter….

Can you guess which the new one is?

While kind of lengthy, I hope I offered some new insight and information.
Thanks for the read.

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What the heck is that?

Also, how did the oil wrench fit? If you were satisfied, can I add the pic to the writeup?
Rana catesbeiana or more commonly know in south louisiana as a bull frog. i almost always find one or two on the car after i return home.

as for the the wrench... it worked like a charm. there is a little play and the only issue i had was upon the initial removal of the cap it jammed slightly, so i had to reverse direction. after that it worked fine. your more than welcome to add it to the writeup.
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