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No, get the car scanned for error codes. Since it's a 1994 I don't know if it uses OBD2 but probably not. You could try this to check for codes:

Turn the key to "on" and pump the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor 5 times in under 5 seconds. Count the number of blinks of the check engine light (CEL). If it doesn't blink at all, try it again or this means this test will not work. The four digit code will be displayed as four counts of blink that will repeat ( **,**,**,*....**,**,**,*...). In this example the code is 2221, Manifold Absolute Pressure control. Note that the blink code is different than the vag-com code (00575).
Blink code 4444 indicates a BK ECU with no faults of those supported.

This doesn't cost anything and I don't know if 1994 had obd2 in Europe. If your car is anything like the US TDI, there's a hose inside the ECU that needs changing: http://myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/a3b4/ecuhosechip.htm In the how to list, it's item #1 because every US spec mk3 TDI will get this problem.

Also carefully go over all the vacuum lines.
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