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can someone told me, is my MAF sensor bad?
Car is Audi 80 B4, 1.9 tdi 66kw, 1z engine, and works normaly and no problems with speed or with nothing.
But some days ago, the car shut down while driving, and after that works normally like before. But today again, the car shut down while driving, and i connect VAG COM and see error: "00553-Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70) -27-10 Implausible signal-Intermittent".

Picture of MAF values:

Here is also a video:



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VAG Error Code: 00553

Fault Location:
Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor (G70) - Adaptation Limit (Add) Exceeded/Implausible Signal

Possible Cause:
Bad Fuel Economy.

Air Leak between Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor and Engine.
Injector(s) faulty.
Fuel Pressure Regulator faulty.
Throttle Body faulty.
Intake Air Filter dirty.

Possible Solutions:
Check/Replace all faulty Wiring/Connector(s).
Perform Throttle Body Adaptation.
Check Hoses and Pipes to/between Components.
Check Intake Air Filter.
Check Fuel Pressure Regulator.
Check Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve.
Check Injector(s).

As taken from my new Free EOBD II Error Codes software
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