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Made the sensible purchase.

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Just bought a Candy White 2011 Golf TDI w/ a manual and couldn't be more excited.
I needed a sensible car that was a blast to drive and looked good and couldn't pass up this little gem! As far as options go I just got the Sun-roof, blue-tooth, MFI connectivity.

Plans are few but:
I'm getting the windows tinted tomorrow,
Shop for some aftermarket wheels in the next few weeks,
Black out any chrome or plastics that isn't white,
Get a Curtis trailer hitch.
And maybe drop the car 1" all around.

Other than that this car is gonna stay the way it is! I've already built a street bruiser that gets me 2-3mpg so this car is gonna stay as stock as possible! :)
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Lookin real fine! What's with the barbed wire?
I live right behind the city electric train line and service station. I guess it's the keep people from jumping onto the tracks. They are electric trains so I barely hear them anyways.
Welcome! Thanks for the pictures, it looks real nice. Where are the license plates though? In my state you have to have temp tags in the window.
Tags are in the window, passenger side lower corner.
Question, what/where could I find the dimensions to my stock wheels? I want to start shopping for some aftermarket ones but am not sure on the width and offset of the wheels.

Edit: nevermind, I found it in the stickies!! :)
The white/black color scheme reminds me of a stormtrooper.
The white/black coloro scheme reminds me of a stormtrooper.
Stormtrooper just got his helmet tinted!! :D

Got the Window Tinted!

And I Debadged the Golf emblem too...

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The white/black coloro scheme reminds me of a stormtrooper.
Stormtrooper just got his helmet tinted!! :D
Stormtrooper.........maybe if it had a black triangle down the middle....:pukerofl

What brand/darkness? It looks pretty dark.
15% all around. It's not limo (which I hate), but seen from this angle it's pretty damn dark. Good thing is, if there's a cop, I just pull the shade open for the sunroof and it lights up the inside so that the tint doesn't seem as dark. And if need be I'll just open the sunroof all the way.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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