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Thanks so much for this site. I've been reading the MkIV FAQ's, etc. and appreciating all the tips -- like where to find the light on the console for the heater. I didn't know there was one before that!

I just got a 2003 VW Jetta GL SportWagon October 14. My mechanic says it was somebody's baby -- got it with just under 135 k miles -- now has almost 137,000 miles, getting over 48 mpg average and 52.6 mpg on a recent 450 mile trip with a combo of interstate, highway, and in-town driving. I love it -- fun to drive and economical -- but you know that.

I live in Vermont, so that seems pretty satisfactory with snow tires on and temps ranging into the 20's F and up to the 50's F on good days since I got the car.

When I got it, I received only one service invoice from the dealer saying they had done work on the glow plug circuit because the prior owner had the MIL tripped. No parts were replaced.

Interesting that my MIL just tripped this week with a code of P0671, according to my mechanic -- a glow plug circuit issue. Anybody have that come up before?

The sale was AS IS/NO WARRANTY, so I'm on my own.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks again for this great site.
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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

Sorry I can't help you with that fault but

EOBD II Error Code: P0671

Fault Location:
Glow plug, cylinder 1 - circuit malfunction

Possible Cause:
Poor connection.
Glow plug control module.
Glow plug.
Engine control module (ECM).

As taken from my http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f9/free-eobd-ii-error-codes-software-2919/ ;)
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Possible causes - you have it right there :)

I'd start with the wiring and plugs.


Also, post moved to mk4 technical section.
Thanks, KeithUK and chittychittybangbang. I'm now 130 miles from home, and my Jetta won't start -- and not a gel problem, I'm sure. It's 30 deg. F here.

I think I can find a reliable mechanic nearbyeith the help you've given.
Found a Vermont TDI mechanic!

When my '03 Jetta SportWagon anti-shudder valve stuck in Enosburg Falls, near the VT - Canadian border, I found a VW/Audi mechanic [in business for 34 years] in Sheldon, VT -- name is Bruce King Auto on Rt. 105 between St. Albans & Enosburg Falls, VT.

The business came well-recommended by 2 other mechanics I knew and trusted in the area.

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