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LUCAS Synthetic oil

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Found it strange that the Lucas synthetic oils in 10w-30, 5w-30 & 5w-20 all quote the VW 505 spec on the front of their containers.
A 5w-20 weight oil in TDI ???
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I looked at their data sheets. http://www.lucasoil.com/products/display_products.sd?iid=39&catid=15&loc=show&headTitle=%20-%20Lucas%20Synthetic%20High%20Performance%20Motor%20Oil and it says exceeds VW 505. VW's spec is 505.1. I assume that because they aren't on VW's list of 505.1 engine oils it means that although it meets VW's standard it's not approved. There are many oils which say they exceed this standard but aren't approved by VW. This could be because of the weight or additive package. Will it work the same? I don't know and there are good arguments on both sides. In the end, I believe in drive more, worry less.
2nd, it's not approved, it just says it meets or exceeds.
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