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HI, i own a Skoda Octavia TDI 2001 ( it's a VW ALH TDI). The problem is, i was driving fine, stopped for a while, when i started up again, it started well but after 5 seconds the R.P.M dropped to 600 (in ralenti), when press the gas the engine stall, not acelerate and finnally shut down. There's is a lot a smoke in the exhaust pipe. The engine starts up fine everytime, and also when apply full aceleration works fine for 5 seconds, after that the R.P.M drops. There are no light in dash, and no fault code shown. i verified the timing belt, and it's ok. The turbo it's ok. Recently changes made:

1- Air Flow meter
2- Filters (diesel, air, oil)
3- Oil

Please help!!!


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Possible things - bad fuel - bad fuel can cause strange running

-anti shudder valve broken - this is the throttle-like valve on the intake manifold, check to make sure the plastic arm is OK and that it's not stuck, if it was the engine would not get enough air
-bad ground or ecu - cause engine running problems
-bad injection pump shut off solenoid or wire

The smoke sounds like unburnt fuel or oil, the question is why? A bad air flow meter normally does not cause this symptom. This type of problem is often related to the turbo but you say it's OK.
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