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low power start 2003 golf

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I'm having what I guess if the limp problem with my 2003 golf. If I start it up, and proceed on relatively flat ground, the car sort of creeps along until you reach about 18 or so mph, takes about a city block or so to get to that point. It then kicks in and drives normally. I can stop and start without having the same low power start. however if you turn the car off, and restart, it will suffer from the same low power issue. i replaced the fuel filter and had no luck improving the issue.

i've read about problems with the map sensor and boost pressure sensor. are these the same thing?

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No, the maf sensor measures the amount of incoming air, was a common problem area. If the EGR is bad it can also displace incoming intake air. The boost pressure sensor directly measures how much pressure is in the intake. It's not exactly the same as how many bar the turbo is outputting because there's some loss in the intercooler and if you have a boost leak it leaks out but close enough.

Take a look through the limp mode troubleshooting checklist and if you're stuck, please report back. Teh first thing to do is to get the error codes so you have a clue where to start looking.
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