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Low power, low turbo boost 6lbs. ?????

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Just got this 99 beetle, didn't have power when I bought it so I knew that it had some problems. I have put on a tb kit. Cleaned intake, replaced vacuum hoses, turbo vanes seem to function correctly by pushing on actuator while still hooked to turbo. I took the top hose loose n75 there was increasing boost pressure going to turbo. The power when driveing seems to stop at about 2000rpms and does no good to increase rpms above that. I don't know yet what max rpms should be but it only goes to about 3200 rpms. Also car is hard to start, has to crank over several times to start, seems to be worse when it's hot. I do have a scan gauge and the only code I've seen is 1550 ocassionally. I know 1550 has to do with boost. What's the problem????
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Well done, and thanks for letting us all know!
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