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low power at low revs

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Please help,

I have a VW golf 2001 tdi. My car has very low power when below 2000-2200 revs. When I hit a hill it seems slow and I have to drop a couple of gears and find other cars pulling away from me with ease. It is also hard on the fuel and woundering is it because I have to put the foot to the board to get any power. Once the turbo kicks in it runs fine.

I am a beginner at using the following. I have had it on a computer and it says no fault.
I suspected the Air mass meter. It was replaced about 3 years ago with a non genuine part. When looked at on the computer when at idle it says the car needs 360mg/h. From reading other threads I have found that it should read between 230-370 max. The AMM is providing about 325mg/H. If mine is high does this mean that it is faulty ie closer to 370. Also the car is hard on the fuel would this account for that.

When it is 3000revs, the car requires 850mg/H and the AMM provides close to this. When travelling it seems slow to catch the required car request.

The computer I have doesnt provide a graph function so cant tell how long it takes to catch it.

Although I only suspect the AMM any advice would be brilliant.

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A small discrepancy in MAF isn't bad and you say that at 3000 rpm it provides about 850. This means it's working normally.

The most likely reason for the slow response on the MAF is because something is causing airflow to lag. The most likely reasons include sticking turbo vanes, bad vacuum lines/N75 boost solenoid, or bad actuator.

Check the article on checking VNT actuator function. If it's sticking or slow due to the aforementioned reasons, it will cause the airflow to be slow and cause the MAF reading to be slow.

Also possible are fueling problems. Check the fuel injection quantity IQ. There's a FAQ article showing how to do this.
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