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Hoping the collective can help. What is the connection to a worn glow plug and low compression in the same cylinder?

99' Jetta 1.9 ALH, 120K largely city driving
new turbo at 80K
timing belt at 110K
runaway...seemed to stop with key off, restarted and limped home
car sitting for 60 days
compression test cold with intake/turbo off: 490, 480, 350, 500 (4-1)
VNT actuator stuck
no major oil in turbo and intercooler
10-15mm of soot on intake ports and egr
glow plugs replaced in Oct '09
all but one, in low compression cylinder, look good (attached image)

Does it make sense to pull the head to see if there is piston/cylinder damage? Is this reasonable for a newbie given correct tools (timing belt)?

Are the other tests that might identify the problem?

Do those compression numbers make sense on a cold engine with intake removed?

Rebuild or replace with used?

Thank you


1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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