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Love my new TDI

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Hi All. Two weeks ago I found a new 2011 Golf TDI listed in the inventory of Terry VW in Lynchburg. I have been very interested in these for over a year, but have never seen one actually on the lot, and for sale. I did some homework in regards to expected price and what my trade was worth, and bought it the next day. My daughter in law has driven a Jetta TDI since 2006, and I was very impressed with it. I live half way between Appomattox and Farmville, so if I go anywhere it will not be a real short trip. I guess that is good for fuel mileage.

My new TDI is a 6-speed manual and other than floor mats and blue tooth, which I did not need, it is unadorned. (I told them I have several gold teeth, but no blue ones.) :D It has quite a fancy audio system, which I like very much, but I don't think it was an extra cost option. I have since added the color matched side body moulding someone on this site told me to buy from Zeta, and they are fine. I also installed the front splash guard, aka mudflaps, but am not sure they gave me the correct ones for the rear. I haven't taken enough time going over the instructions yet.

I am having a great time with it. The first half tank got 46.9 mpg, the second 45. I got on the throttle a little harder the second time. My son drove it and said it is quite an improvement over the 2006 model.

In any case, I love it, wishing only for a better, stronger selection of trailer hitches to carry my bicycles and recumbent trike. We will work something out.

Thanks for all the grand information.

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Yep, the bluetooth is a forced option and the radio is standard on the TDI but not on the 2.5L enigne Golfs. Check out the VW hidden hitches.

C'mon guys........New ones all look alike. They only look different after you do a lot of stuff to them. If you want to see what mine looks like, go to the VW site and look at a 2-door white TDI and imagine side body moulding. That is it.
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