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Looking for a good timing belt kit

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This forum was recommended by a pal of mine, he's my usual car guru but he couldn't help on this occasion. I was looking for a good timing belt kit for my 99 jetta. Any input would be appreciated, what's good, what to stay away from, what websites are reliably consistent. Thanks fellas!
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Welcome to this wonderful website!!

First of all: Do you have a 1999 (A3 body type) or a 1999.5 (A4 body type) ???

Different engines and timing belt kits...

Most of the online vendors who frequent here and (mostly) on the TDIclub supply first rate parts. A few of them (in no particular order - and this is an incomplete list) are: boraparts.com metalmanparts.com idparts.com dieselgeek.com ...

Be sure to lock down the engine properly (follow the detailed instructions here), and don't take any shortcuts... (Also, avoid a certain vendor in North Carolina who sells on eBay...)

All the best,

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A3 has the front turn signals in separate housings below the headlights... the A4 has them all in one happy (???) bundle...

You could also go to the timing belt replacement guides here and see which model looks like your car... (can't confuse the two... )

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