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Looking at upgrading, mk4 or mk5?

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Including price, which would you prefer? A Mk4 Jetta for around 6-7,000 or a mk5 Jetta for $11-12,000? For power, comfort, the whole package? Obviously the mk4 will probably have more miles.
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Since you are considering both it sounds like you can afford either. So get the one in better condition and lower mileage. They are totally different cars becase the mk5 is bigger and feels different.
What do you want to do? The mk4 will get better mileage *fuel economy and the ALH is time tested for power mods. The mk5 will get more power with just a chip though.
DD, basic power mods, either chip or chip + nozzle. The only thing that I don't like is the carbon sooting problems that I hear about, the regular old turbo in mine has worked fine.
Well, consider an older A4 ('99.5 to '03) Jetta with the ALH engine. I like both of mine, and they don't smoke if I keep my foot out of them while they're warming up. No visible soot during normal driving.
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