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Looking at a 93 Gold Turbo Diesel. What to look for?

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So I am going to be looking at 1993 Golf Turbo Diesel this weekend, and was wondering what I should be looking for.

The car has had the head gasket and timing belt replaced, and it leaks a little coolant from the plastic expansion tank. Also the car has 190,000 km.

What should I look for and what is a good price?

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This isn't a big pre TDI site but some basics:


The crankshaft key eventually slips and lets the crankshaft sprocket spin. This will cause the pistons to hit the valves. Sometimes it lasts a long long time, sometimes it doesn't. You can use a crank sprocket from a TDI but you have to machine it to fit.

By this age, the coolant hoses will be dried out and will probably need replacing soon. Leaking coolant tank is not a good sign, it could be pressurizing the tank if there's a leak, if the head gasket was replaced due to overheating, it's possible the head deck isn't flat.

You might also want to ask at

http://www.vwdiesel.net/phpBB/ or http://forums.vwvortex.com/zeroforum?id=22 , they deal more with eco diesels and IDI diesels.
Yes, vwdiesel dot net is more of a IDI site, this is a TDI site. Basically, the difference is that IDI uses an older engine, port injection, no intercooler, mechanical fuel injection pump.

TDI is direct injection , intercooled, electronic fuel pump.

You must be in canada because this model was not offered in the US. I would watch out for fuel pump leaks, look in front of the engine and you'll see the fuel injection pump. With the switch to ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, there's been a rash of leaks. Rust is a big problem. The leaky radiator overflow could just be a worn cap but a compression check wouldn't hurt. As a wild guess, $2-3000 US if it's in good shape.
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