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Longtime lurker, first time poster - help with trunk lid issue?

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Getting into doing some maintenance myself on our 2006 Jetta TDI as it looks like I may "inherit" it from my wife next year when she retires from the military, as I promised her a new car as a retirement present (I'm pushing her towards another TDI, maybe the Golf). My wife and I both commute a long distance into Washington DC, so she loves the mileage of the diesel. the Jetta has 150K miles and has been the most reliable vehicle we've ever owned. I just ordered a bunch of parts and tools from dieselgeek to do the timing belt, but another issue that has just popped up is the trunk intermittently won't stay latched, or it's closed/latched but the dash light is on and you have to climb into the trunk from the back seat and manually open it. Any ideas? Thanks!

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My best guess is that it's related to the trunk switch. It's possible the door wire is broken which makes the car think the switch is being pressed or not pressed. Does using the remote make any difference?


Also see this article to check for broken wires.
... you have to climb into the trunk from the back seat and manually open it...

Hey David, does the key work to open the trunk? Not the remote - the physical key. The lock is hidden underneath the lip next to the license plate light in my 2006 Jetta, and it took me a while before I realized it was there since you have to sort of squat down to see it. If so it might at least save you the trouble of climbing in from the back seat while you are diagnosing the electrical issue.
trunk issue

I noticed I was having the same trouble with the digital sensor not indicating my trunk lid was closed. I discovered that if i close the trunk by pushing down on the license plate the sensor detects the closed door. I don't want to take to a dealer, so this works for now.
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