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Just finished an 8,057 mile trip through 16 states as well as parts of British Columbia and Alberta.

1.) Diesel fuel was not available at all "gas stations", but this is not unusual.
2.) Found a couple of stations in Canada that were labeled "Low Sulfur", but not Ultra Low Sulfur, so I passed on them. I have a hunch it was old labeling, but better to be safe than sorry.
3.) Found 3-4 stations with improper fill nozzles (too small or too large) to open the safety flap in the Q7.
4.) One Conoco Flying J truck stop had a sticker on the pump that said it contained 5-20% biomass additive. Since the TDI is only allowed up to 5% biodiesel, I purchased just enough fuel to get me to the next station.

Overall fuel consumption average of 25.2 mpg with lots of 75-85 mph driving on Interstates and local highways with high speed limits.

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I joined this board in concern, because I am noticing trend in Biodiesel. The last few trips it has been harder to find diesel that is B5 or less. Most seem to be B20 or B10 :( I imagine there must be some push to go to biodiesel, but what will we do? The car will probably be in service for at least the next 20 years, in which time if all diesel goes B20 it'd be inoperable.

Fuel mileage has been great, 27-29 from Ohio to Missouri and just the same on the way back at about 75 mph.
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