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Long time TDI owner, New to this Site!

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My wife's car is a 2003 Jetta TDI. We ordered and purchased it new and now have 134,000 miles on it. But not without the more common TDI "problems", [ Brake Light Switch, N75 Solenoid, 109 Relay, Sticking Turbo Actuating Rod, Alternator Clutch Pulley, Coolant Temp Sensor ]. I am sure most of you have been there. I have always done all service and repair work on all of my vehicles, and with the addition of some specialized tools and Ross-Tech VCDS, this one is no different. Well, maybe a little different! At 90,000 miles, I did a complete timing belt-water pump "kit". Unfortunately, yesterday I had to do it all again because of a failed LASO water pump. Good thing I caught it in time! The new kit included a Graff pump. Any word on pump failures related to brand? I flush the brake fluid and service the transmission fluid and filter every year and wonder how long these automatics can last? I have also done some of the usual additions such as a VW Steel Belly Pan, TDI Heater, and an Old Navy CCV. Anyway we still love this car and it's 44-46 MPG average on my wife's 140 mile round trip commute.

Very nice web-site by the way!:D
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The 2003 automatics aren't the best, there have been some complaints about them failing. The 2004 and newer are better but you really can't do anything about it. I can't speak on the brand of water pump but it sounds like it was just a bad part.

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