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lol, smart car clone from china...and bmw

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It's not like there aren't ripoffs of everything else in china.

Last fall a battery-powered clone of the first generation Smart ForTwo turned up in China before it was quickly stomped down. Another one is now expected to be displayed at next month's Frankfurt Motor Show and China Automobile Deutschland wants to begin European imports. The Shuanghuan Noble is a four seater that looks much like the Smart and is expected to cost 7,000 euros.

As expected, Mercedes is not happy about the idea and is threatening legal action to stop the little car. They have already been in touch with the manufacturer but probably won't comment publicly until the car appears in public at the show.



and they didn't have a problem with the geely?

how about the chinese bmw?

or SQNY?

or Cala Cola?

And of course, the 3 diamond of mitsubishi isn't as good as 4 diamonds!


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Lol, SQNY...how do you pronounce that?
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