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2010 Sportwagen TDI DSG
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I posted this on another forum and followed advice there as best I could, but came up empty with a solution so far.

This is a picture looking at the firewall side of the engine:

This is immediately above the transmission axle flange on the passenger side. Which makes this all the more difficult because as it leaks, it lands on the axle shaft and flings the oil everywhere.

With the exhaust out and the subframe removed, I took some more pictures trying to locate this leak.

This is of the same EGR unit, but looking up directly below it, and after I cleaned it off some:

I think this is looking towards the front of the car again, just higher up than the first photo:

This is the bottom side of the turbo:

This is the tube coming from the inter cooler:

I am taking today to reinstall my subframe with new bushings, and new exhaust. With all that back in the way, I am not sure how easy this will be to diagnose and fix, but if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!
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