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Greetings to all of you.
This is my first post after i could not find anyone with this problem!
I had and i still have a engine shaking on cold start problem.
Was diagnosed by bad compression and the mechanic changed the hydraulic lifters, oil etc...
Now the compression looks good and the car is a little more powerful.
But the shaking on cold start remains, its not the same and it last for about 15-20 sec. (before it was 1-2min)
Its kinda like there is a miss fire but i dont have any check engine light on or any other problems it does smell a bit from the exhaust...
So i went on to look up the injectors...

On cold sarts it looks about like this: Screenshot_2017-04-11-02-02-18.png

After some time it goes to this: Screenshot_2017-04-11-15-49-02.png

Do you guys think i have a problem with the injectors or could it be something else?
Any advice is welcome!

Update: the shaking goes away after the ticking start the engine starts to idle nice and there is no smell from the exhaust.
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