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Love the write up they are great !!

I have a question though - how important is it ti replace (not reuse) the LCA Nuts and bolts ??
I ordered replacement Shock/Strut sets and Ball joints and all them came with what I have read as the required replacement nuts and bolts. But the replacement LCAs I got did note come with the bolts mentioned in your writeup (8mm front LCA bolt VW# n 904 840 03 & 18mm rear LCA bolt/nut VW# n 102 622 01/n 015 081 4) and I cannot find an auto parts store that caries them - except the dealer.

Actually a salesman a Auto-zone (an ex VW mechanic) said at the dealership he worked at they did not replace them ... So because of the scarcity of these bolts I am just wondering what the thoughts are here as to - do I really need to replace them and why ??

Thanks Bill
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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