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Keyless Remote Jetta 2000

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I have a 2000 Jetta GLX. Last couple days, my key less remote is not working. I have checked the batteries they are fine; tried key less entry programming without any success. The door locks and unlocks when I used either the valet or the key attached with the key less remote. The immobilizer inside my key less remote is working fine since my car does not shuts off or anything. Only other piece inside the remote is the green PCB which could be bad! Or, I am not programming the key less remote properly. Any suggestions....thanks!

I found the programming in this site:

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URL fixed - when you cut/paste the URL of a page address from a page instead of at the top address bar sometime it gets shortened.

My suggestion is to take the key apart and look for damage to the green circuit board inside. If you don't spot any, you could a used key fob off ebay and try programming it. The remote half will work as long as the FCC number is the same.
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