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I'm a newbie to this site. I have a question regarding the VW keyless entry system. I currently own a 1997 Jetta GLS. I was told that I could pull a relay (or module...not sure which one it is) from a 98 or 99 MK3 and simply "plug" it into my 97 and I would now have a keyless system. I stopped at a junk yard the other day and pulled a relay/module from a 99 MK3; P/N 1HM 937 045 D.

A few questions come to mind:

1.) do I have a keyless module (p/n 1HM 937 045 D)?
2.) what does the letter "D" designate?
3.) since I do not have a remote fob (assuming the module is keyless), how do I get one that will work with this module?
4.) assuming the module is keyless and I find a compatible fob, will this system work in my 97 Jetta?

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Many blessings,


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A relay is just an electrical switch. You need the keyless entry module. Did you see this page?


1HM937045D is not keyless entry, it's just an alarm module. You need to replace the alarm module with a keyless entry module.

D is the version and it looks like D is no keyless entry.

Buy one from ebay ,dealer, worldimpex.

Since you bought something that won't work, a generic keyless entry kit will also work. Just tap into the unlock and lock wiring using the generic kit's box. The wiring diagram is in the article I linked above.
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