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key stuck in ignition - HELP!!!

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Found an old Passat Key in our key bin and tried to use it in our 06' Passat. Unfortunately, I think it was a key that had been disfunctional (and eventually replaced), but my wife forgot to throw it away.

Now the immobilizer is active and won't release the key.

Is there an easy way to release it?

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I've had my key "stuck" in the ignition several times - but I always seem to be able to get it out eventually. I usually try pushing it back in (all the way to "start" mode) and then trying to take it out again. I've tried everything from taking it out of Park, pressing brake petal, ... anything else I can think of - eventually it will allow the key to come out - usually in less than a minute. I've owned my 2007 passat for about 3 months now and it has happened 3 times. The last time it happened, I put a new unprogrammed key in the ignition (was testing some sotware) and the immo system activated - but I was still able to get the key out (but was really panicing...).

Bottom line is I don't know what actually releases the key - just keep trying and it seems to release....
Mine stuck again today - the shifter is always in park when this happens. It seems the most reliable way to get it out is to push the key back in to engage the starter and start the car - press on the brake and then push the key in to shut the engine off and it should come out the entire way. It is usually pushing on the brake pedal that seems to release my fob. Your results may vary.....
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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