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Just saying hello....

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Hello all. Glad to be here and am looking to gain from the knowledge for my first VW TDI purchase. I am the proud owner of a 1997 12V Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Dodge RAM (236,000 and still get 20mpg in a 6600lb truck), which is a completely different animal in many ways from the TDI, but I think there should be a good amount of crossover.

So I am comfortable with a diesel powered vehicle and all that goes with it. I would like to add a car to the fleet (women seem to object to climbing into the big dodge at times) and figured a diesel powered car would my logical choice. The VW is my only real option it seems, which is OK with me, as long they run and run and run. I tend to keep things til they are dead and then some. Hopefully I can contribute in a meaningful way as time progresses, until then please bear with me.

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Welcome! Look through all the buying guides since you didn't specify which ones you're looking at. For all I know you want another truck - how about the VW Touareg or Audi Q7? Having a non VW-Audi-Seat-Skoda diesel viewpoint is always interesting,
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