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Just Bought TDI

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hello forum. got a tdi think its a great car, got a couple of upgrades id like to do to it, but am hessitant to pull the trigger on a high milage vehicle. the car has 150k. i know thats not a lot for a diesel but its still high, my first and really only concern is can the 1.9 with 150k handle upgraded injectors such as bully dogs 205 nozzles? thanks
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As long as maintenance is up to date and the rest of the car is in good working order, 150k isn't that much. I'm not familiar with that brand but it should handle .205 size nozzles well. http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/multi/TDInozzleFAQ.htm See this article for more tips.
Your suspension could use a refresh too. Budget for that and it'll feel like a new car!
Good for another 300k

hi There.. 150k on 98 TDI ???.... thats unbelievably low milage for that year of car......You sure its not 450k ?? don't forget the odometers go back to zero at 300k on these cars.
thanks guys and yea im sure about the milage new york state is pretty strict about things of that nature, and ive known the previous owner and the car since it was new.
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